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Hello, my name is Emeline I was born in Chile, South America and came to Australia in 1971. At age 35 I had several polycystic ovaries surgery’s, and was also suffering with migraines and chronic constipation. After the last surgery I had, the Specialist suggested that I should go home to my family because my stress levels were high and I was losing too much weight. As soon as I got home my father made an appointment to see an Iridologist. This was my first experience of Iridology and I got the biggest surprise when she was able to very accurately diagnose my health problems and the weaknesses in my body, just by looking into my eyes! She gave us a list of herbs for me to take and said that I needed a bowel cleansing. My father was an herbalist and believed strongly in bowel detox and he knew it very well, so I followed his instructions 100% and in 20 days I was a complete new person! No problems with my sleep, was eating well, gaining energy, and pain free. For the first time in years I felt genuinely happy.
When I came back home to Australia another miracle happened. I used to be a very fearful person, terrified of death and also of being alone, one day a friend invited me to do a course in yoga. Thinking this would help me to relax I accepted although I didn’t know what it was all about. Both of as were surprised when we found that this wasn’t Yoga exercises instead it was Yoga meditation. I did the full course of meditation and this has been the best thing that has happened in my life. I learnt all about spirituality, how to control stress, to overcome my fears and be happy.
This wonderful experience changed my thinking about how to take care of myself, not only the body, but also to take care of the whole being, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. It was at this point of time in my life, that I realised I wanted to help others that were suffering with similar conditions. I decided to change my career from a furniture designer to wholistic practitioner, I went back to college full time for 5 years, and gained my qualifications as an Iridologist and Naturopathic practitioner, and I do thank my dear father for this wonderful gift of knowledge.


My Skills & Experience

My qualifications include:
Diploma of Botanical Medicine; Diploma of Iridology; Diploma of Aromatherapy; Diploma of Nutrition and Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy.
I began my career in natural health in 1990 practicing Aromatherapy and Reiki healing and meditation. I completed my studies, gaining the Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, in 1999. Since that time I have been practicing from my clinic at the Wholistic Centre in Ingleburn, where I have had the opportunity to work alongside other experienced medical practitioners, including G.P’s.
During this time I became more and more aware of how so many of our health problems in Australia start with what we eat and how these foods impact our digestive and intestinal tracts. Through my studies and research I was introduced to the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen, his example and teachings have shown me that his system of tissue cleansing, through bowel management is the first step to sustainable good health. Since I began using his methods in my practice and seeing the tremendous positive impact this has had on many peoples’ lives I have chosen to specialize in this area of the body that most people don’t want to talk about.
In recent years I have moved west of Sydney opening a clinic in Bathurst and have now moved to a beautiful valley just west of the Blue Mountains in Hartley Vale.

My philosophy is simple: “Your health is important and my job is to make you feel good, inside and out.”

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